Monday, June 20, 2011

Since Our Wedding Day

It's hard to believe that a month has already passed since our wedding day. While we were hoping for some calm, tranquil time together, it has been a rather crazy and busy-filled month. But, it has definitely been fun, and we have been so happy to simply be in each others lives rather than experiencing the distance of an ocean apart.

Here are some fun memories from our first month together. First, we enjoyed a honeymoon in Yellowstone. Then, we recently took a short day trip down to Bryce Canyon with Dr. Jerry Jaccard and our Hungarian friend, Zsuzsánna Mindszenty.

We're finding there is never a dull moment in married life!

Together in Yellowstone...

A very interesting couple from France that we met in Yellowstone. These people have left their lives for four years to travel the world. You can see the map of their travels on their camper. What a couple!

Bryce Canyon!

Incredibly tall tree...

I always knew Tarjei was strong, but didn't know he could hold up mountains. I love discovering new things about my man :)

Our new little friend. He's much friendlier than the rattlesnake we found. You'll have to contact Jerry Jaccard for a picture of that "friend."

Tarjei, Jerry, and Zsuza...

Tarjei dubbed this rock formation, E.T.

Looks like those Viking conquered Bryce Canyon as well. Take a careful look to see their ship in this picture...

Enjoying married life together!

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